Heroes For Bush

What: A blogburst where bloggers will channel their favorite characters of TV, movies, and fiction showing their support for President Bush’s re-election.
When: Friday, October 22
Where: Here at and across the blogosphere.
Why: Because heroes inspire us, and fantasy shows us what we wish could become reality. And because Joss Whedon started it. And because we can.
– Supporters of the effort are asked to link to this post to spread the word, asap. Also: leave a comment or TrackBack here to let me (and everyone) know you will be participating.
– To participate, simply crank up your creative juices, and imagine what your favorite hero would say about why he, she, or it, is planning on voting for President Bush.
– Creativity counts, but so does realism: putting words in a character’s mouth which don’t fit the character is lame, and no fun. Posts suggesting that Willow is voting Bush will be received with skepticism. Posts suggesting that Evil Willow is voting Bush will be received with approval, and little surprise.
– Submit posts late Thursday night or as early as possible Friday morning via e-mail, or simply by TrackBacking or adding a comment on the roundup post to be created early Friday.
– I will be round up all submissions here at The Truth Laid Bear starting early Friday morning. I’ll also pick my personal favorites, which will be displayed in a place of honor on the Ecosystem.
– Other bloggers, particularly “heavy hitters” (you know who you are) are encouraged to do the same, and highlight their favorite entries to shed some traffic love on the best submissions.
– Anybody with graphic skills who’d like to make a “Heroes for Bush” logo/button would be a hero in their own right.
Any questions?
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