Do They Know It’s a Holiday They Don’t Celebrate, And Should We Tell Them Or Would That Be Culturally Imperialistic Of Us?

Brief break from the for Bush leadup.
I just love this:
Rock stars back new Band Aid song
A new version of the Band Aid charity single is being recorded with current stars, according to Midge Ure, one of the singers behind the original song.
Coldplay, Travis, The Darkness and Keane have backed the project, Midge Ure said on his website on Thursday.
The original Band Aid song, Do They Know It’s Christmas?, released in 1984, featured artists including Duran Duran, U2, Bananarama and George Michael.
…Midge Ure, former singer with Ultravox, said there were still big problems in Africa that needed urgent attention.
“The famine doesn’t go away,” he told the ITV News Channel.
“This song still stands up, that’s the important part. Re-record the song, get the new guys on board and it will focus the attention and raise the money for the problems out there.”

In recent years, I’ve always found the idea of recording a pop song about Christmas to support efforts to help a largely non-Christian population to be remarkably politically incorrect. Isn’t it a rather rude disregard for local customs, culture, etc.?
But I guess when liberal pop stars talk about Christianity, it is by definition politically correct. The rules keep changing on me, I can’t keep up.
But as a thought experiment, let’s pretend for a second that the original Band Aid never happened, and that a group of Bush-supporting red-state country singers came up with the idea to help Africans with a song titled “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” How well received do you think that would be by the left? Think they’d even make it out of the studio before the squawking started?
PS: Remember, I’m agnostic (at least I think I am, but I’m not sure…) so I don’t have a dog in this fight…
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