Heroes For Bush: Schedule

The response to the for Bush blogburst has been great thus far, and it seems to only be growing. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest and spread the word on the effort.
I will actually be posting the official ’roundup’ post sometime around 9pm PDT this evening. Quite a few folks have already gone ahead and posted their submissions, so I might as well start with the early birds.
If you haven’t posted yet and plan to participate, I’d ask that you try to get your submission to me by 5am PDT on Friday morning. That’s when I’ll do an update with the next batch of submissions; after that I’ll do one or two more throughout the day, but the Day Job will prohibit me from doing continual updates.
Best approach is to TrackBack the roundup post, or add a comment to it, which will get you some visibility while you’re waiting for me to get to adding it to the roundup.
Once again, thanks to all, and I look forward to reading what our greatest heroes have to say about the election!