Spirit of America Blogger Challenge: Support the TTLB EcoTeam!

I’m pleased to announce that I have joined the of America Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge and have formed a challenge team, The TTLB EcoTeam.
If you are unfamiliar with SoA, here’s a primer:
Spirit of America helps Americans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan assist people in need. We fulfill requests from American personnel for goods that improve the lives of local people and thus help advance freedom and peace.
We have provided school and medical supplies, sewing machines, hand tools, water barrels, clothing, soccer gear and toys in response to needs identified by American personnel. We contributed equipment to Iraqi-owned television stations to establish a better alternative to Al Jazeera. We helped Iraqi men whose arms were amputated by Saddam Hussein get a new start on life.
We provide timely and effective assistance where it is needed most on the front lines. The Wall Street Journal says,