NYTimes.com: More Popular Than A Blog (Barely)

points out a New York Times press release which crows about the wonderful success of the NYT’s web site:
NEW YORK, Oct 20, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The New York Times Company reported that for September NYTimes.com achieved record traffic of 21.3 million unique visitors worldwide, a 49% increase from September of last year, according to internal data. NYTimes.com generated 561 million page views, up 17% year over year.
Mickey rightfully notes that somehow, the “stunning success” of the pay-for-punditry TimesSelect service seems to have been left out of the release. But if I were a NYT stockholder (and I’m sure glad I’m not) I’d be asking what they’ve got to be so proud of in the numbers they are reporting.
For context, here’s a table of the NYT’s September daily visits compared against those of some top-tier bloggers:

Site September Visits
NY Times 21,300,000
Daily Kos 20,480,000
Gizmodo 7,360,000
Instapundit.com 4,500,000
Gawker 4,500,000
Eschaton 4,160,000
Defamer 2,880,000
Go Fug Yourself 2,600,000
Power Line 2,300,000
Wonkette 2,100,000

I don’t know about you, but “NYTimes.com: we’re slightly more popular than that Kos guy!” doesn’t strike me as a huge boast for a $3.3B media company. Maybe stick with “The New York Times: eight times more popular than those chicks that can’t stand Kirstin Dunst’s outfits.”