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Trivializing Terror (8 links)
The Washington Monthly
TRIVIALIZING TERROR….Remember Jose Padilla, the “dirty bomber”? Last September, in a major victory for the Bush administration, the 4th Circuit Court ruled that the government could detain Padilla in a military brig indefinitely without

John Gibson goes berserk — on air and off (8 links)
The Carpetbagger Report
Anyone familiar with Fox News broadcasts has come to expect a level of professionalism on par with an elementary school food fight, but once in a while, even the FNC gang manages to surprise.
CL and Newshounds offered terrific coverage last

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Newsflash: Leak from Liberal war-room pr (8 links)
Stephen Taylor – Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
In an email to select officials in the Conservative Party obtained indirectly by yours truly, a leak has come from the Liberal war-room in the form of some photocopied documents mailed in a brown envelope. The Liberal attack “storyboards”
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More information and tools for domesticity… and a little poker, too (8 links)
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey
My brother and his husband will be visiting me in Costa Rica next month and are bringing down the rest of my books and DVDs. Since this may be my last chance to get stuff down here for a while…
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Carnival of the Vanities 170 (14 links)
Ravenwood’s Universe – You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room

It's that time of year again. The holidays are upon us, and the internet will soon slow to a crawl as bloggers of all faiths spend more time with their families, take vacations, or just sit back and relax. But…
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Judge Posner and “Ad Hoc Initiatives” (i.e., Presidentially Sanctioned Felonies) (8 links)
Judge Posner has an Op-Ed in the Washington Post this morning that is understandably receiving a lot of att

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Enterprise SaaS (17 links)
The CIO Weblog – Business and Technology Coverage of the Software Market – Premier 100 IT Leaders –
Why will Enterprises Move to SaaS?, Exerpts from Amy Wohl’s Weblog, For a long time, we (the IT industry) told ourselves that SaaS would not be very tempting to large enterprises, except for specific narrow applications serving detached locations or

Carnival of Education – The Winter Hibernation Edition (7 links)
Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Education and to my blog. Thank you to Education Wonks for letting me host the Midway today. The school is (finally!) out and you may be sick’n’tired of it, but you canno

The Growth of Open Source Software in Organizations – Optaros (7 links)
The CIO Weblog – Business and Technology Coverage of the Software Market – Premier 100 IT Leaders –
Optaros recently published a report titled “The Growth of Open Source Software in Organizations”, This research report is based on survey data collected from an online poll distributed to more than 40,000 information technology and business professi

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NSA kerfuffle: redux (12 links)
protein wisdom
Drawing on remarks from both the President and the Attorney General yesterdayand on the responses I was reading around the blogosphereI began to suspect that the divisions were seeing in the debate over executive aut
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Security lines at the airport (12 links)
The Flyaway Weblog – Fly away – far away… – High tech traveller
According to the Transportation Security Administration, from 22 December, airline travellers will be subjected to random screenings; on the other hand, there will be fewer prohibited items. Passengers will be allowed to hand-carry small tools and s

Pentagon anti-terror investigators labeled gay law school groups a “credible threat” of terrorism (10 links)
AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
Jesus f-in Christ. This has gone far beyond the pale. We need to do something now, and in massive numbers. I’ve been talking with several of the blogs and politicos in the last few days. This is even wo

Intelligent design supporters get SPANKED! (9 links)
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey
My favorite bits from the Associated Press article, Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum:HARRISBURG, Pa. – In one of the biggest courtroom clashes between faith and evolution since the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, a federal judge barred a Pennsyl
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(7 links)
THE NYC TRANSIT WORKERS' UNION has an unofficial blog, and it's getting an earful in the comments. Here are some excerpts: [S]econdly, if i could meet the masterminds behind this strike, i'd personally spit in each of their faces. I k
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Did Martin orchestrate spat with Washing (11 links)
Stephen Taylor – Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
Kate and I have been investigating a tip that she received that suggests that Paul Martin did in fact orchestrate the recent fight between himself and the Bush administration. The proof may lie in the Liberal ads. Consider the following…
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LIAR (10 links)
Bush speech, April 20, 2004:Secondly, there are such things as roving wiretaps. Now, by the way, any time you hear

Strike Blogging: Wear Comfortable Shoes (9 links)
GOP and the City
Estimated daily cost of a strike to the city – $400,000,000
Average Salary for a Subway/Bus operator – $62,000
Starting Salary for a NYPD Police officer – $25,100
Trying to get support from a public that ma
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TWU Walks Out On New York (7 links)
Suitably Flip
It's on. After failing to come to a contract agreement with the MTA last night, the Transport Workers Union voted 28-10 to launch their illegal citywide strike on bus and subway lines today, disrupting the commutes of the 7 million New Yorkers
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Google Talk's Future (12 links)
The VoIP Weblog – Your idea of Voice over IP – Vonage Needed More Money
I remember back when Google Talk came out, long months ago, it was so excitedly championed. I stayed up late to talk to random geeks I met through Digg and the g-talk future looked very, very sweet. Fast forward…

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Legal Analysis of the NSA Domestic Surve (10 links)
The Volokh Conspiracy – –
Was the secret NSA surveillance program legal? Was it constitutional? Did it violate federal statutory law? It turns out these are hard questions, but I wanted to try my best to…
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Want to be a professional Dungeon Master? (10 links)
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey
Sci-Fi Wire: BioWare Contest Offers A Real Prize:Game producer BioWare told SCI FI Wire that it is sponsoring a writing contest for its fantasy role-playing game Neverwinter Nights, with the top prize something more than simply a mug or a…
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About those wiretaps and the constitutional separation of powers. (9 links)
Condolezza Rice defends Bush’s authorization of warrantless interception of telephone calls coming into the country from terrorists sources:
In Sunday talk show appearances, Ms. Rice said the program was in
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Meatloaf, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Carrots with Butter and Brown Sugar, Apple Crisp, Spinach Dip in B (7 links)
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey
I made this for dinner last night: I used the Meat Loaf recipe from Betty Crocker's Cooking Basics: Learning to Cook with Confidence: 1 pound of ground beef, 1 small chopped onion, 2 slices of bread, 1/4 cup of milk,…
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Did Bush domestic spy program eavesdrop (10 links)
AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
I had an interesting discussion this morning with DC political consultant Marc Laitin. We both came to the conclusion that it sounds like Bush’s super-secret illegal domestic spying program may be targetin

#108 Best of Me Symphony (8 links)
The Owner’s Manual
Spirit Fingers finds the mother lode of sporty, traumatic wardrobery in The pursuit of active luxury. Some people think they see the mother lode in the beautiful people, especially the vote of the beautiful women. If some murders are…
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Michelle Malkin
The showdown starts at 10:30am EST in the East Room. If Bush hits as hard as he did in his Saturday radi
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The 3rd Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2005 (7 links)
Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)
Honorable Mention: C_U_L8R: (Republicans are) Pure Concentrated Evil. false christians filled with hate and fear who desire to put the…
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Carnival of the Capitalists 12/19/2005 (11 links)
Coyote Blog
Welcome to the Carnival of the Capitalists and my second time hosting the COTC. Note that several people tried to submit multiple posts – when that happened, I picked just one to include this week. Many thanks to Silflay Hraka…

Where are 2005’s best posts? (9 links)
Mister Snitch!
Now that the frenetic clamoring for blogosphere awards is about over, what were the year’s best posts?
If your blog won an award this year, our sincere congratulati

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Tech News #9 from The Register (12 links)
The Gadgets Weblog – Talk of Tech Tools and Toys – Laser Shock Guns
One of the latest editions of Tech News Around The World was made using The Register only and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to do more of those. Here it is, the best news of last week…

In The Network #7 (12 links)
The Gadgets Weblog – Talk of Tech Tools and Toys – Laser Shock Guns
VCs and RFID – More News from If The File Does Not Exist, You Must Acquit from On Starship Troopers and Entrepreneurship from i2 Web Seminars Now Available On-Demand from www.supplych