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New York Times reaches new low in muckra (8 links)
Danny Carlton — alias "Jack Lewis"
.. What is different about Wal-Mart's approach to blogging is that rather than promoting a product — something it…
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Carnival of Liberty XXXV (7 links)
Owlish Mutterings
Welcome to the Carnival of Liberty, a showcase of posts [the way I see it anyway] about the interaction of government and diminishing freedom. Administrative stuff first: the carnival is largely the work of the Life, Liberty, Property Group, althoug
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Ace of Spades Exclusive: Jay Bennish&apo (7 links)
Ace of Spades HQ
You will have 10 minutes to complete this test. Please mark all answers clearly. You will be judged on your knowledge of world geography, of both the actual and “holistic” types….
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Much Ado About Nothing (7 links)
Unless I’m missing something this New York Times article is just another stab at holding bloggers to ethical standards and practices

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Monday’s Best (7 links)
Don Surber
Count how many times today Brokeback “Crash”-ed is invoked to describe the Oscars. I tried watching the broadcast but when Lauren Bacall was yanked out of her coffin to describe film noir, I decided the dis
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Background on Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar (7 links)
Terrorism Unveiled
I was making the long drive back to my alma mater on Friday when I received a phone call from my significant other telling me that some guy was driving around in the pit (the center of campus activity) trying…

Michelle Malkin
Mohammad Taheri-azar speaks:
A suspect who is accused of hitting students with a sport utility vehicle at the University of North Carolina made his first court a
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Why Do Democrats Fear the Al-Qaida/Sadda (7 links)
The issue is historical now, but still worth exploring. Why, for two distinct groups of Americans, has it become a matter of conviction held with religious intensity that there cannot have been any relationship between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein’s

Rumsfeld v. FAIR (Commentary)]]> (7 links)
Notably, in today’s unanimous decision the Court does not rely on the Spending Clause, but instead holds that the government could directly impose on schools the requirement of military access. Indeed, the Court first rejects t

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Court upholds "Solomon Amendment&qu (12 links)
In a sweeping legal victory for the U.S. military, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Monday that Pengtaon recruiters must be assured an equal opportunity with other employers to sign up students at the nation’s law schools. Upholding the so-

Michelle Malkin
Good news just in via Breitbart/Reuters:
A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rul
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Carnival of Blue Stars – # 4 (12 links)
Blue Star Chronicles

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You Don't Say? (10 links)
Mudville Gazette
In a recent press briefing General George Casey (the commander of Multinational Forces in Iraq) countered virtually every inflated claim made by the media regarding Iraq's recent “civil war” in the wake of the Shrine bombing in Samarr
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Massive Muslim Protest in Bahrain Against Terrorism (10 links)
Gateway Pundit
“As tragic as the recent events in Iraq are, the silver lining is that it has brought to the fore the sectarian tensions in Bahrain and the need to resolve them before the situation gets out of hand. I hope that the civil and political societies mak
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John Murtha (8 links)
Crooks and Liars
John Murtha: The 'Only People Who Want Us in Iraq' are Iran, al Qaeda, and China
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And The Blogscar Goes To … (8 links)
Riehl World View
In honor of Oscar Blogscar night, I'm offering up the following nominations for Best War Movie of the Right Wing Blogosphere. I'm sure I missed some excellent films, but these ten are sure to warm the cockles of the average…
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Stab in the Back (7 links)
The Washington Monthly
STAB IN THE BACK….Instapundit today:The press had better hope we win this war, because if we don't, a lot of people will blame the media.I'm too tired to even respond. The dreamland these people inhabit has become simply pathological….