In which I hand over my crown to this year’s queen

“This big. No, really!”

Congratulations to Ace, this year’s CPAC Blogger of the Year !
As last year’s winner, I will be showing Ace the ropes. It’s a tough job, of course — waving through all the parades, opening all those malls, ribbon cuttings and the like. The fans are wonderful, although I have to admit not be able to simply go to a restaurant or grab a Starbucks without being mobbed by adoring fans is something Ace will have to adjust to. And of course there’s the morals clause, which I may have to have a special chat with him about.
I am sure he will wear his crown with honor. Congrats chief!

Game Over for Mitt Romney

I just watched Mitt Romney announce his withdrawal from the race here at CPAC. A sad day indeed, but not entirely surprisingly, and arguably the right thing to do for the GOP and the nation.
Upon taking the stage, Romney received a reception that made the event look like a Romney rally:

I must admit, my reaction hearing the thunderous reception in the room was “Gee: where have you folks all been for the last six months?” Too little, too late, I’m afraid, and the conservatives who didn’t back Romney early on should be feeling a well-earned sense of responsibility for Senator McCain’s nomination right about now.
Romney’s speech was classy, and hit the right notes in setting out the priorities of the GOP — and the contrast that we face with the prospect of a President Obama or President Clinton (2). I’ll have more thoughts on that eventually ( although class=”textlink”>Erick beat me to using my preferred headline: “I, for one, welcome our new McCain overlords.”)
Anyway, not much to add to the event itself given that it will be given saturation coverage. But here’s a few photos from my spot right at the edge of the stage…

And finally, back here at Blogger Alley, I had the opportunity to interview the man — or, rather, the mammal — who can claim a bit of credit for today’s news:

Stay classy, Romney haters!