Tossed off line of the

Tossed off line of the day from Sullivan’s Non-Permalinkable-But-He’ll-Have-His-People-Fix-That-Real-Soon May 24th Entry:

THE RAINES DOCTRINE: “We respect our readers’ right to express their opinion.” – Howell Raines, New York Times. Just not his writers’.

Intriguing, Captain, as the guy with the pointy ears was fond of saying. After a week or so of relative quiet in the Sullivan – Raines grudgematch, Sullivan just happens ( randomly, you see, just had to fill the mandatory space for the column (whoops I mean blog) for the day) — to toss in an offhand reference.

I still think he’s running a little new media experiment on Mr. Raines, personally.

But then again, I’m also becoming more open to the idea that maybe he really is just out to make Raines look like a jackass.