With regard to my blatant

With regard to my blatant plea for continued linkage, Tech Support castigates me (rightly) for

…insipid, narcissistic whining and an abject disregard for the fundamental principles of Bloggerly decency. N.Z. Bear (what the hell is up with that name, anyway?) is demonstrating clearly his status as a bottom-feeding ingrate whose overwrought prose would cause Daniel Steele to choke, and whose pathetic flash-in-the-plan weblog will soon suffer the inevitable decline which it so richly deserves. ‘TTLB’, as ‘The Bear’ so cloyingly refers to his site, will soon be remembered as one in a piece with Kozmo, Webvan, and that dog food store with the sock puppet as Internet ventures doomed to failure by their inherent mediocrity, without which the world is an infinitely better place. Phooey on him!”

I paraphrase, a bit. Actually, he didn’t say that. But he probably should have. And I’ll bet he was thinking it.

Check out what he really said here.

PS – What’s this “singles stretched to doubles and triples” shit? Whadaya trying to say there Larry? You want a piece of me???