Remember that nice little Saudi

Remember that nice little PR campaign designed to convince us all what wonderfully cuddly teddy-bears our arm-choppin’, terrorist-fundin’ friends are?

Well, NPR program On The Media has an interview with Michael Petruzzello, the poor bastard who led the campaign for the PR firm which drove the ads, Quorvis Communications. (What, he couldn’t get the Marlboro gig?) He has a rather hard time of it explaining why nobody wants to run his ads.

Check it out . It’s in RealAudio, but they will likely have a transcript up on their home page soon too. (You might have to advance through the show to the proper segment; the link doesn’t seem to work as I expected… I believe it starts at 33:54)

PS – Yeah, yeah, NPR = Evil Liberal Media, I know. Get over it — some of their programs are well worth listening to, and On The Media IMHO is one of ’em.