Wanted: New LogoOk, I know,

Wanted: New Logo

Ok, I know, it’s not like the existing logo (see top left) is old. It’s more that it’s not really a logo. In fact, it’s just two pictures I inelegantly crammed together and slapped some text over. And one of these days might notice that I swiped the laptop picture from their product catalog, and then everything’s going to go to hell.

So here’s yet another chance to earn both my eternal gratitude and a free Truth Laid Bear coffee mug, should such a wonder ever come into existence . (But see, it won’t come into existence unless I get a cool logo, so it’s all connected).

TTLB Logo Search Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for?

Something very similar to the existing logo, but in an original drawing. I’d like to see the following characteristics:

  • Should be a simple line drawing, preferably black-and-white or with minimal use of color
  • Should be “logo-like”, i.e., simple, elegant, etc.
  • Should depict a polar bear peering at / hunched over the keyboard of either a computer or a typewriter
  • The polar bear should preferably being wearing a fedora, and possibly wearing glasses. I’m going for the 1930’s hack journalist look.
  • The logo should contain the words “The Truth Laid Bear”, and, if possible, have the slogan somewhere as well (although this is not a requirement): “A bear, the world, and the strong urge to hibernate”. (Note: Both of these are really optional; I can always put “The Truth Laid Bear” right under the logo. You do the graphics, I’ll worry about the words…)

What’s in it for me?

I told you, a free coffee mug.

No, really. What’s in it for me?

Well, I’ll credit your drawing somewhere visible on the front page of the site, and include a permalink to your web page or email, if you like.

No money?

Who do you think I am, Kaus? You see a Boeing parked anywhere around here?

Will you promise to use my submission if I send it to you?

Absolutely not. If I don’t like it, I ain’t using it. So while I appreciate any efforts anyone puts in, if your feelings and/or ego is easily bruised by rejection, please don’t send in a submission.

Does it have to be a polar bear? I’ve got this thing for brown bears…

It has to be a polar bear.

Black bear? Panda? I can really do great things with Koalas….

Polar bear, damnit.

Picky, aren’t you?

Yup. Get over it.

I think your idea for the logo sucks. I have a much better idea. Can I send it to you?

Well, sure. It’s not like I can really stop you. But I suggest running the concept by me first. See above re: picky.

How big should it be?

Definitely no bigger than the current logo; it’s pretty huge. Preferably about 50% to 70% of the current logo’s size. I aim for the site to be vaguely readable at monitor resolutions of 800×600, and to look good at 1024×768 or higher, and the new logo will go in the same spot the old one sits now (I like my site design, for the moment at least).

Does file size matter?

Size always matters, and don’t believe anybody who tells you different. But in this case, small is beautiful. I’m paying for bandwidth (a little) and may pay for all of it eventually. So keep it small — the current logo is like 30K or something and the new one definitely shouldn’t need to be any bigger than that.

I’d love to help, but I have a question you didn’t answer here. What do I do?

Ask me in email, and I shall respond. All will become clear.

I have the perfect logo for you and want to submit it. How do I do it?

Send it to me in e-mail as a GIF or JPEG.

Thanks to anyone who takes a shot, and I look forward to seeing what TTLB readers have to offer!