Looking for a roundup for

Looking for a roundup for the latest news with a libertarian slant and a strong dose of punk runk thrown in? Check out Blue Button at Popshot. Nice collection of links to recent stories of interest, with concise, sometimes pithy commentary. Example:

The European Union Wants to Tax You. Come on, it costs a lot of money to run a socialist dystopia.

Nice. The weblog is an extension of PopShot itself, which describes itself as:

“a indie/punk-rock music and culture magazine printed and distributed in Nashville, Tennessee. We differ from the majority of indie/punk magazines in our editorial perspective which is capitalist/individualist/libertarian. Our mission is to bring the ideas of limited government, personal freedom, and individual rights to young people, especially to our peers in the independent music community where these ideas are typically not covered.”

Libertarian capitalist punks. Neal Stephenson, call your office! (And page Ken MacLeod while you’re at it).