Smack! The sound you just


The sound you just heard was that of newest Prof on the block openin’ a can of whoop-ass on the latest offhand Sullivan remark o’ the day. Observe:

So I stopped by Andrew Sullivan’s weblog this morning to see what’s what, and was confronted with a short item which read, in its entirety:

SELF-PARODY WATCH: “Special Report: Zambian Copper,” – a headline from this week’s Economist.




Why, I wondered, does Andrew Sullivan consider this–interesting and important–story to be a big joke?

But then I began to imagine what the inside of Andrew Sullivan’s mind must be like…”What wonkish fools those writers and editors at the Economist are! Why are they writing about the failure of neoliberal development strategies in southern Africa when they could be writing about my career as a Shakespearean actor? “

Ouch! There’s more; read the whole thing for the complete effect. But hey: I thought slamming Sully for one-line attempts at pithiness was my beat. Back to the bloated Federal bureaucracy with you, Prof D, before I have to swing up north to Moscow on the Bay and give you a little what-for !

PS – I know, Prof D has been around for a while, but he’s new to me, and that’s all that matters on this page.