Double Hmph. I noticed a

Double Hmph. I noticed a few days back that Pundit has rather kindly given me a link on his blogroll (thanks!). But I’m ambivalent about my classification: I’m under “Comedies”, grouped with the likes of “The Onion”.

So I guess I’m funny sometimes. Or at least I try. But “Comedies”, you know; it’s a bit limiting. I do try to do some serious stuff around here. (And btw, I’m working on a major new piece, kinda similar to Back in the Day, which hasn’t got a funny word in it. Maybe you’ll see it soon).

But I shouldn’t whine unless I’m going to propose a solution (see, my management consulting background is good for something!). So let’s see what we can do here. Martin likes to go with the whole movie-genre thing on his links, but I really don’t think any of his existing ones fit. So let’s brainstorm.

Rock Opera?

Nah. I’m not deaf dumb or blind, and I sure don’t play a mean pinball.

Tear-Jerker ?

My blighted prose may make you cry, but I don’t want to brag about it.

Western ?

I am in California, but that’s probably beside the point.

Teen Sex Comedy ?

You must be thinking of someone else.

Now when I think about it, I’ve always thought the whole “fu” thing was kinda cool — the moniker you hear flung around Ain’t-It-Cool-News for martial arts flicks. You know, Kung Fu, which led to Wire Fu, which led to Matrix Fu. So why not … you guessed it…

Pundit Fu!

I like it. So what do I do here, start a write-in campaign to badger Martin? That probably wouldn’t be very nice. Is there a form to fill out? Some kind of test? Inquiring minds wanting to know and all that…