If you are truly desperate

If you are truly desperate for the latest rumours about the Hayman fire, you can monitor the IRC channel that Pinecam.com has set up. Keep in mind that anybody and everybody is chatting in there, so information you read may be inaccurate, completely wrong, or malicious lies. Or all three. This is not an official government source — see the list of phone numbers at the top-left of the page for the appropriate local resources near you.

You can access the channel via your browser or via your own IRC client at chat.planetz.net, port 6667, channel #pinechat .

Update 2/21/03: The folks at Pinecam are continuing their efforts to provide useful and accurate information; see this thread on their discussion board for additional info:
We are working with local fire authorities now to make sure information given out on Pinecam this season is more responsible and sensitive to the needs of firefighters and possible fire victims. You may find less direct scanner posts on Pinecam this year, but rest assured the important information will still be here. We’re just not going to be posting — willy-nilly — everything that we hear on the scanner.