As promised, the Ecosystem has

As promised, the Ecosystem has been updated. Changes this week include:

– About 40 new blogs have been added, bringing the total tracked up to around 250

– Added indicators on the Ecosystem list to track each blog’s change in ranking from last week

I still have not tracked down the problem where some blogs do not appear to get scanned correctly for links, so you will still see some listed with 0 outbound links that should have some; sorry. Anyone willing to debug this problem (on their own blog or others) is encouraged to do so; I’d be happy to have some help. And on a more general note: if you believe your blog is listed incorrectly, please feel free to contact me and complain, but please: do as much investigation and debugging on your own as possible, and provide me with as specific information as you can about what links you think are being missed. And please do not send me mail unless you’ve read my posts about exactly how the system works and are comfortable you understand it.

If your blog is not listed here, please don’t take offense: I am now basically only adding blogs that folks explicitly request to be added. So if there’s anybody that I’ve linked to within my blog who expected to get added but didn’t; sorry. I’ll hopefully be implementing a more automated system for requesting to be added when we make the move to the new domain, which will reduce headaches for all involved. (Bottom line: if you aren’t listed and want to be, me an email, and to make my life really easy, use the subject line “ADD TO ECOSYSTEM”.)

And finally, the Hall of Link Sluttage remains named as such — for now. If you have an opinion on whether it should stay that way, then go vote on the poll in the left nav bar — the next update will probably include the final decision to keep the name or find a new one.

Enjoy, folks!