Do you think they can

Do you think they can afford his speaker’s fee?

More Hitchens-related goodness this morning. It seems Kissinger may be facing an extradition request to Chile:

Henry Kissinger may face extradition proceedings in connection with the role of the United States in the 1973 military coup in Chile.

The former US secretary of state is wanted for questioning as a witness in the investigation into the events surrounding the overthrow of the socialist president, Salvador Allende, by General Augusto Pinochet…

Chile’s Judge Juan Guzman is so frustrated by the lack of cooperation by Mr Kissinger that he is now considering an extradition request to force him to come to Chile and testify in connection with the death of the American film-maker and journalist Charles Horman, who was killed by the military days after the coup.

If your reaction to this is “ha-what?” , a reasonable place to start to understand the case being made against Dr. Henry is Hitchens’ Kissinger archive page. He’s been chasing Kissinger for years, and I’m sure this news will give him, as he is fond of saying, “a little holiday in his heart”.