Okay, the poll on whether

Okay, the poll on whether the Hall of Link Sluttage should be renamed has been up for a while, and it’s getting, well, old. And besides, I have a new poll question I want to put up. So down it comes!

But first, to recap the results:

The Question: Should the Hall of Link Sluttage Be Renamed?

The responses:

5.0 % – Yes, because it’s offensive
19.0 % – Yes, because it’s just not that funny
25.6 % – No, it’s amusing. Don’t change it.
50.4 % – No, it’s not amusing, but don’t change it just to annoy the PC crowd.

One can draw many conclusions from these fascinating pieces o’ data:

1) TTLB readers are a perverse lot, given that more than half indicate that despite finding the HoLS to be a chuckle-free zone, they want me to keep it that way just to annoy other people. That’s just not very nice.

2) The vast majority of folks don’t think the name is amusing; 74.4 % .

3) Only a meager 5% of TTLB readers are easily offended. I’d like to say this comes as a shock, but…

Anyway, I never claimed this was a democracy, so I haven’t yet decided what to do with the silly thing. You’ll just have to wait for the site redesign.

But on to bigger and better things. Speaking of the site redesign:

I’m considering investing some effort in figuring out this RSS thing, which I know next to zip about. Some kind of dark magic whereby folks can subscribe to the site, from what I understand. So anyway, the new poll question is meant to gauge interest in such a feature, and not incidentally, also give me a vague idea of how many folks are checking in on TTLB regularly.

So go vote already !