Another week, another run of

Another week, another run of the ole Ecosystem.

Revised data is up; no major changes to the process this week. Just added a few new blogs on request.

Yes, I’m still trying to automate it; yes, it still takes too damned long, and yes, there’s still some bugs in there (although for the record, with the exception of last Saturday’s screwup, I have yet to see anyone present actual data to prove a bug…. yes, that is a challenge ! )

Anyway, enjoy, don’t take it all too seriously (defined as all values of seriously where seriously > 0 ) and take care…


Update: I just uploaded the raw .csv data file of links extracted (unfiltered, so it includes links from blogs-to-themselves as well as links from blogs-to-URLs-not-on-the-list-of-blogs, both of which get filtered out); the link is Please please please do not click on that unless you are seriously attempting to debug; it is 600K even zipped and my bandwidth is running low. Thanks!