If you feed a bear Kaliber, the terrorists will have won.

The Bear Necessities? It’s “silly season” in the mainstream press at the moment, and Bibendum is no exception. Apparently villagers in Dobratic in Bosnia have had a young bear living in the meadow close to the village since hunters killed his mother. The villagers have fed him and according to locals he is so tame that you can sit down and enjoy a beer with him without fear that he will turn aggressive. However, the bear, named Mrki, has been tricked into going on the wagon when people grew tired of his drunken ‘singing’ after finding half-drunk cans left over by the locals.
According to village coffee shop owner Tadija Sugic “It got to the stage of him drinking up to 20 cans of beer a day and getting drunk. We tried to give him soft drinks like cola and orange, but he just didn’t like them so we decided to trick him with non-alcoholic beer – and it’s worked a treat. He loves it.”

It’s a damned shame this is happening in Bosnia, not Germany. ‘Cause what with the Germans’ new laws on animal rights, I think there’d be a fine lawsuit here.
Non-alchoholic beer for a bear! It’s … unnatural.
Update: Jeff at Protein Wisdom points us to information showing us why this will be a very healthy bear!