The Ecosystem or Just *A* Ecosystem?

Winer’s noticed he’s in the Ecosystem, and makes a point I’ve mentioned before, but which bears repeating:
“It’s interesting, because it’s only one of several ecosystems. In their world I’m Hard To Get, in terms of the number of sites I point to. In my original ecosystem I bet I’m a total Link Slut.”
Yup. The Ecosystem started out very heavy on the political-blogger / warblogger side, given that I seeded it from VodkaPundit and Instapundit’s lists. But it has now grown to over twice its starting size, and is spiraling outward through the political-blogger community and beginning to draw in other folks, like more techically oriented bloggers. Hence, Dave.
As the list grows larger and larger, I’d really like to do some more graphical representations — because that’s what will actually be more interesting than the raw lists as they expand to cover more ‘sub-ecosystems’. I suspect even now, with the right graphing tools, we could see some interesting sub-groupings beginning to emerge.
I did do a graph on the very first run of the Ecosystem, but haven’t gotten time to do it again… perhaps at some point. (And if anyone is a graphing wiz and wants to take their own shot — go for it! You can find the raw data files on the Ecosystem page).