The lone defender the House of Saud

Glenn reporting on a major story expected to hit the WaPo tomorrow morning: that of an internal Pentagon briefing which clearly painted Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States.
One man, however, bravely (ahem) stood his ground against this view:

Of the two dozen people who attended the Defense Policy Board meeting, only one, former secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger, spoke up to object to the anti-Saudi conclusions of the briefing, according to sources who were there. Some members of the board clearly agreed with Kissinger’s dismissal of the briefing and others did not.
One source summarized Kissinger’s remarks as, “The Saudis are pro-American, they have to operate in a difficult region, and ultimately we can manage them.”

What a surprise. How’s that whole can’t-travel-without-consulting-your-lawyer-for-fear-of-getting-nipped-on-murder-charges thing treating you, Henry? Gotten any Christmas cards from Chile lately?