Taking out the trash

Good news: Iran has handed over 16 alleged Al Qaeda fighters.
Bad news: They’ve handed them over to that part of the Arabian penninsula currently dominated by the House of Saud.
Harken the BBC:

Iran detained the militants who sought refuge there after fleeing from Afghanistan Prince Saud told The Washington Post newspaper.
In an interview published on Sunday, Prince Saud said the Iranian authorities handed over the fighters in June, knowing that whatever intelligence was obtained from them would be passed on to the United States.

Prince Saud also makes with the hinty-hinty for the Beeb, alluding to alleged anti-al Qaeda games of footsie being played between the Iranians and the U.S.
But his quote along these lines confuses the Bear:
“Iran has not only co-operated with Saudi Arabia in this conflict in Afghanistan, but co-operated extensively with the United States…”
Weird. He says that like they’re the same thing.
Down in the casino, we’re offering long odds that these “al Qaeda militants” are low-level losers at best, and dupes at worst. Any takers?