jumps ugly on .NET

You know, if those kids at don’t watch out, they may actually start churning out interesting product. Just when I think they’re just filing the serial numbers off yet another corporate press release, they throw me for a loop with a neat piece with some actual analysis in it.
Case in point: their demolition of Microsoft’s recent .NET initiatives.
Granted, it’s a bit of a fish, barrel, gun story, particularly when you’ve got Bill himself rattling off money quotes indicating his belief that launching .NET is more difficult than “getting to the moon or designing the 747.”
Note to Bill: No, it’s not. And even if it was, you probably wouldn’t want to point it out to folks. Because if it’s that difficult to build some reasonably straightforward architectural services on top of your operating system, then you’ve got bigger problems than a difficult sales pitch ahead of you.
Mr. Speaker, I’d like to yield the remaining balance of my time to Eric, Doc, and Dave… take it away gentlemen…