Bear for Hire

I swear, I had already decided to do this before the Quick did yesterday. But ah well, here goes anyway:
I’ve concluded it may be time for me to move on to greener pastures than my current employment gig, and am looking for any help my kind readers and fellow bloggers might provide. To drop my usually-at-least-pretending-to-be-humble blogging style for a moment, here’s my pitch:

  • I am a senior software development manager with extensive experience delivering large-scale and high-risk projects for one of the top worldwide information technology consulting firms;
  • I have over ten years of experience spanning the full software lifecycle including requirements analysis / design, implementation, testing, and software support & maintenance;
  • I have worked most recently in the web development space, and have experience in web portal implementation, content management systems, and web infrastructure;
  • I am seeking a position in the Orange County/Los Angeles area which does not require significant travel.

In addition to these qualifications, I am also (as should be obvious) the creator and publisher of The Truth Laid Bear, a weblog which in a few short months has met with significant success, and is now ranked in the top 10% of weblogs by incoming links, as calculated by the Myelin Blogging Ecosystem. In addition to writing content, I also created and implemented the full site design myself (with the exception of the bear-at-typewriter logo, which was drawn by Sekimori from my spec) using Moveable Type, and am the creator of the original Blogosphere Ecosystem.
My default goal is a ‘traditional’ position making use of my core professional skills; however, I’d be very interested in any offers or leads that relate to my more bloggerly skills as well. Yes, I will blog for food, if it comes to that.
I’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who can help me in the following ways:

  • If you have an actual position to offer
  • If you have suggestions of companies which might be hiring or specific leads that you think it might be worthwhile for me to pursue
  • If you have any general suggestions on career searches in my field (I’d love to hear positive/negative feedback on resume distribution and exec search firms) or more specific advice relating to searching in the Southern California job market

Thanks in advance to any and all who can help. And if my resume doesn’t strike your fancy: well then, go hire Bill!
Or even better, hire us both. (Hmmm… Bill, you think we should work out some kind of “buy one blogger, get the second free” deal? The marketing potential here simply boggles the mind…)