Big Brother: Blogger Style

So is anyone else in the Blogosphere addicted to Brother 3?
I know, it’s crap. But it’s fun crap.
I used to watch the first season of the show, which was a complete train wreck. The pacing was awful, bad editing, and the cast nearly walked off the show. It was glorious in its awfulness, though, and was weirdly, disturbingly compelling viewing.
The second season, I missed entirely.
But this season, I’ve been following closely, and it’s the best yet. They’ve finally got the pacing right; limiting broadcasts to three nights a week and ensuring that there’s always something interesting happening. And the cast this year is fabulous — not too annoying; not too nice. Just right.
Which of course leads me to wonder: Why doesn’t CBS have the ‘houseguests’ blogging?
They’ve already got a paid service where you can watch all the video feeds; why not also give each houseguest the opportunity to write a blog? The fans (and there are a lot of them, I think) would love it.
The other idea to think about, naturally, is not to make the houseguests bloggers — but to make bloggers houseguests!
Imagine it:

  • Lock twelve bloggers in a house with only one Internet terminal.
  • Each day hold a competition to see who gets access to it for the day — and nobody else gets to touch it!
  • Every week, bloggers across the Blogosphere vote to evict one of the houseguests, online.
  • Last blogger standing gets the Grand Prize: A free subscription to the Blogging Network !

If there are any CBS programming execs reading, feel free to call my office and we can discuss terms.