Voices IV

Yourish (via a perfect morning): “The overwhelming refrain I’ve heard, from literally everyone I’ve spoken to about 9/11: It doesn’t matter what is asked of us. We will do whatever it takes to end this threat. We want to be left in peace. Take these cancers out of our world and let’s move forward.”
Andrew Olmsted: “We can take today to mourn. We have that luxury. But tomorrow we must return to war, for our enemies will not wait for us to find and destroy them.”
Sydney Smith: “God never promised us a world without pain and suffering. We don’t live in paradise, after all. He only promised to be with us always, our comfort and our hope – our comfort and our hope that there’s a better world in the life to come. That “life to come” doesn’t necessarily have to be the afterlife. It can mean the life to come in this world, too. Maybe, in the grander scheme of things, the events of 9/11 and whatever wars they spawn, are a movement towards that better life – toward the elimination of despotism and tyranny, and toward a universal recognition of the rights of man. You don’t have to believe in God to find hope and comfort in that idea.”
Mike Hendrix: “The sympathy from the rest of the world was genuine, I think. The goodwill and courage of the free world is intact, or so I hope and believe. I could be wrong, sure, but today I choose to celebrate that goodwill and to hope for its continuation in spite of the cramping, restricting effect of mere politics. So herewith, a few photos from around the world taken immediately following 9/11…”
Glenn Frazier (via a perfect morning): “I spent all of Tuesday, September 10, 2002, trying to reach back into the past, to pull up something appropriate for the coming anniversary of the September Atrocity. After all these months, after all the words I’ve typed, you’d think I’d have something to say. At least, I thought at first it’d be easy to come up with the appropriate words…”