Voices, Part II

Dean, Cuz: “[W]e must not forget those who died early in this conflict. Our soldiers in Mogadishu, our sailors on the USS Cole, our embassy staff in Africa, and the victims of the first WTC attack. If we had responded more appropriately to these attacks on our nation and our sovereignty, their deaths would not have been in vain. Instead, our weak kneed, half-assed responses to blatant acts of war encouraged our enemies, and led to September 11. Now is the time to remember these events, stiffen our resolve, and fight the fight. We must finish it for good this time.”
Spoons: “Even a year later, it’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the enormity of what happened last September. That’s why I’ve decided to think about just one person that the terrorists murdered that day. I don’t know this person: I just scanned the list of victims and found the name that was closest to my own. Today I’m going to think about Jennifer Lynn Kane.”
Terry Oglesby: “R E M E M B E R .”
Lionel Mandrake: “We are at war ladies and gentlemen – lest we forget, or take notice of those that portray 9/11 as a tragedy or a disaster.”
Dawn Olsen: ” I am free. I am lucky. I am an American.”