Grams, not Kilograms!

Ha’aretz just reported that the seized uranium weighs in at “hundreds of grams”, not the 15 kilograms originally reported.
Well, that’s good news.
And hey, at least we all got to learn how nuclear weapons are built….
Update: Reuters has a little more information, reporting the actual weight of the uranium as 140 grams, and indicating what I suspected — that the 15kg originally reported included the weight of the lead container.
And more from CNN: Which has this story, containing the following odd tidbits: “The two men arrested with the material were released due to lack of evidence and have since disappeared, Dilek [the mayor a Turkish town near where the seizure occured] said…Turkish officials said they did not know whether the uranium was refined weapons-grade material or naturally occurring uranium, which would have to be refined before it could be used in a weapon. ”