Voice Tentatively Confirmed as Bin Laden

Seems like perhaps the voice on that audiotape actually Bin Laden. Good. If he still lives, he can be captured and brought to justice, and we can brush away the nagging doubts that have festered without evidence of his death. And of course, his praise of the Bali bombing and Moscow theater seige serves as a useful reminder that though our enemies do not wear a common uniform, or even necessarily coordinate their actions in any way, they all act towards the same common goal: to inflict damage upon, and if possible, destroy, the free societies of the world and their citizens.
This is World War III, folks, and even if there are public relations reasons for not calling it that out loud, I urge you all to think of it in those terms. We have an enemy who receives material support from (factions within) several national governments; who has personnel and bases across numerous countries, and who strikes targets across the world. And on our side, we lead a coalition of nations of various degrees of enthusiasm for the fight, starting with allies like Britain and Australia and trailing down to our reluctant partners in the EU.
If this isn’t a world conflict, I don’t know what is.