Holy Roman Empire II?

So given the ongoing disaster that is currently known as the Catholic Church in America, there’s been much wringing of hands about whether the Church will survive, how they should handle the scandals, and even whether certain dioceses might declare bankruptcy to protect themselves. (Insert obligatory snide remark clarifying that as financial, not moral, bankruptcy here…)
I think Catholics are missing a chance, actually. Don’t like the current Catholic Church? There’s an age-old solution to that problem: found your own!
How long has it been since we’ve had dueling Popes — I need a little help here, my medieval history is rusty and it’s been ages since I’ve been to a SCA gather. But my answer is: too long!
My advice to disgruntled Catholics is this: pick your own Pope, declare your Catholic Church to be the one true one, and start ignoring anything that emanates from the Vatican.
You’d have to find a compelling Pontiff, of course. But there’s an easy answer for that. Two words:
Pope Rudy!
PS – I was baptised Catholic, so I claim some vague right to be snippy about the Church…