Action Center: Claus of the Week?

Folks –
This week the Action Center Cause of the Week is in the holiday spirit. From Scott:
“My wife, Kim, and I have been active for the past few years in the Manhattan Post Office’s Operation Santa Claus. This is where you get a letter or two that poor kids have written to Santa and you buy and send gifts to them, signed from Santa…
The kids are simply asking for school supplies: pencils, crayons, paints, paintbrushes, and notebooks, things of that nature. Yes, some want other things, but on the whole, they just want items that will assist them in learning.”

Read Scott’s post for the whole story.
Also, note that Scott has indicated to me that they will be accepting donations through midweek, and that any remaining money will be donated to the central Post Office fund that is used to throw parties for underprivleged kids.
If you find this cause worthy, please link immediately to weblogaction/archives/001596.html . (Do NOT link to this post, please).
Thanks to all!