Star Trek: Nemesis Does Not Suck

Even more posting about spaceships and guns!
I walked into Nemesis with mixed expectations. Over at Ain’t it Cool News, the pudgy demigod that is Harry Knowles had it to be an unmitigated disaster. But I had seen other reviews that suggested it might be semi-decent.
So, I was hoping to at least get some nice Enterprise-porn (those lovely CGI shots) and a few hours visiting with the old friends who were the crew of 1701-D (and now -E).
But it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised: Nemesis kinda rocked.
No, not Wrath of Khan rocked; not even Undiscovered Country rocked. But probably about First Contact rocked; which puts it ahead of most of the films in the series.
I won’t bother with plot summaries; nor will I give you spoilers. But I wanted to at least toss out a positive vote: if you’re even a casual fan of the series, yes, this one is worth seeing in the theatres.
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