Hart in 2004?

Martin Gary Hart might be the Democrats man for 2004.
I think he might be onto something, particularly if (like me) you believe the Democrats only chance to to run to the right of Bush on the war. He’d probably be a good choice.
On the other hand, I really, really doubt that they will run that platform. The problem is, they can find a presidential candidate to endorse it (Hart or Lieberman) but I think far too many of their rank-and-file congresscritters would oppose it.
So you’d have the bizarre spectacle of a Hart or Lieberman running on a hawkish platform while Democratic Senators and Congressmen were doing the exact opposite. Dunno… seems to me to enable that kind of hawkish Presidential run, you have to bring the rest of the party with you, and the signs of that happening (Nancy Pelosi?) seem slim…