InstaCaption Contest!

Well heck, somebody has to run a caption contest for this glorious image of our Leader, and I guess it’s going to be me.
Submit entries here in comments; prize will most likely be absolutely nothing and the contest will run for an arbitrary and unpredictable time period to be determined by me. (The image is captured from a video clip of the PBS special A Visit To The Blogosphere, if you didn’t know).
I’ll start off with a simple, classic approach:
Glenn Reynolds: Law Professor. Blogger. Sith Lord.”

Update: Wow, the traffic counter sure is flying off the desk on this one. Even for an InstaBlast, this is a strong ‘un.
Anyway, I have to assume that many of you folks reading this might not be familiar with my little corner of the Blogosphere, and so I say to you: Welcome! I hope you’ll take a few minutes and browse around the rest of the site and my past postings. If you’d like more humor, try my Inactivist’s Guide, for an artsy-fartsy look back at the good old days of BBS’s, try my Salon piece here. We’ve got a New York photo essay; deep thoughts on what’s wrong with the U.N. — and what a truly just international body would look like — and my own views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And a personal favorite: if you want something really out there, try my glimpse into the future of blogging (and the world): June 28, 2014. Something for everyone!
And of course, I most certainly hope to see you here again sometime. Make yourself at home…