Patio Bear Seeks Warmth

Boy, post funny picture of Glenn, get 5000 visits. Post a serious analysis of possible racial profiling in Los Angeles, get squat. I should know better, I suppose.
But anyway. In theory, the new PC is ready for pickup today, so by this evening, my blogging might be coming from the spiffy new box. We shall see. I’m sure my prose will look all shiny and new and maybe will even be intelligible.
But while we all wait, yet another question for the peanut gallery: I need a space heater for my patio, because the existing crappy one isn’t cutting it. (Yes, I have a patio: what, you thought Martin was the only one?)
It’s about 20′ x 15′ of usable space, so I’m looking for a big one. But I really, really, don’t want to pay $500 for it, which is the price I’ve seen for some of the high end models. Since the quality seems to vary wildly, though, I figured I’d ask if anyone had one they were comfortable recommending. (Hey, I earned my keep in the last few days with Allegedly Interesting Content; I can throw in another begging-for-consumer-advice post).
Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome…