State of The Blog Update

While I’m waiting for responses to modest proposal for a cross-blog Iraq debate, a few random thoughts/updates.
First, those of you who pay attention to such things around here have probably noticed that my blogging in general has been light, and in particular, the Weblog Action Center and the Weblog MetaData Initative have been languishing almost completely for the past month.
This is nobody’s fault but my own, of course: I have managed once again to overcommit myself across these various projects, the core of TTLB itself, and oh, yeah, little things in real life like, say, finding a job.
So, I’ve been re-evaluating priorities lately. No, I’m not giving up blogging, far from it. But I am trying to focus my blog-efforts more precisely in areas that interest me most, and where I feel I can make the most interesting contribution.
One part of that is that I’ll likely be giving up the Weblog Action Center to a new owner sometime in the near future. I’ve decided that it would be better served being hosted by someone with more time to dedicate to it, and that someone clearly isn’t me at the moment. So there’s a request out to the regular contributors to the Center for a volunteer to take ownership (and even if you haven’t contributed previously, if you’re interested in taking it on, drop me a line and we can talk).
Beyond that, I’m trying to focus my blogging on what I enjoy most, which generally comes down to decent think-pieces with a bit of humor tossed in now and again, with my non-writing efforts focused on WMDI (whose mission I remain passionately committed to). And oh yes: the blending of traditional fiction writing with blogging, which I find fascinating, not to mention quite a bit of fun.
And on that note, one bit of “good” news for the masochists who actually enjoy my more creative work around here: I have a major piece currently in progress, somewhat similar to my view of the future in 2014. This one, however, is significantly more ambitious, and will consist of multiple parts spanning from present-day to a decade or more into the future. No promises whatsoever on when it will be done, but I’m anxious to get Part I finished as soon as possible, so hopefully you’ll see something of it in the not-too-distant future.
This weblog is a hobby, of course, so I make no commitments other than to continue doing what I find enjoyable. But I am genuinely interested in feedback from the peanut gallery on what you find interesting around here (assuming there is anything). So feel free to drop your thoughts in the Comments; I’d love to hear what you’d like to see more (or less) of.
Thanks all…