New Game – Fun With Slate Ads

Have you ever noticed how stunningly inappropriate some of the advertisements which appear on the pages of can be?
If they are using any kind of logic to present ads appropriate to the readership of a given piece, then it has to be the worst such system ever created, as the advertisements seem to be utterly random. But this can lead to amusement: in a moment of boredom, I decided to make it a game. (And you can play along at home, too!)
What’s the most inappropriate pairing of a Slate piece and its accompanying advertisement that can be found?
With little effort, I managed to get a spot for Joe Klein’s Clinton biography The Natural to pop up under Christopher Hitchens’ latest column, which seemed a good start, given Hitchens loathing for the former President.
I then succeeded, with a little more clicking, in pairing an advertisement for (tagline: “Every Cent Counts Towards Your Child’s Education”) with Dahlia Lithwick and Emily Bazelon’s sobering discussion of the pain of miscarriage.
Which pretty much seemed inappropriate enough, so I’ll retire from the game for now. Your turn…