The Truth Laid Lair

(It’s no joke and it’s no lie! Here’s today’s stop of the Tech Support Blog A Day Tour by Laurence Simon, smack dab in the middle of the Truth Laid Bear.)
I guess you can call this post “The Truth Laid Lair.” And here’s a little truth for you:
A while back, N.Z. Bear was preparing to move from Blogspot to this fancy-schmancy MT site. And from the looks of these nice digs, he did a great job of setting himself up with a fancy apartment in the sky of the blogopshere.
One thing you might not be aware of is that the picture there of the Sekimori-designed polar bear in the hat typing away almost wasn’t the mascot of the site. The truth is, I sent over a selection of Media Builder Animation Factory animations and I was darn tootin’ certain he’d pick one of them for his site.
Alas, instead of going with an animated cartoony mascot, he settled for the stoic and dedicated ursine figure there in the hat. It lends an air of respectability and trust, don’t you think?
I mean, what kind of goofball would use an animated cartoony character as his mascot?
Anyway, the point of this post is that for a successful blog, you have to get people focused on a single concept. You need to make it painfully easy for people to get to you, to refer to you, and to remember you. N.Z. Bear accomplished this with his name (N.Z. Bear), his blog name (The Truth Laid Bear), his mascot (a bear), and domain name ( He allows for easy access to his articles and the option to comment. There’s no confusion when it comes to what word leaps out at you when you think of his site or if you want to refer to it.
I, on the other hand, commit every sin in the book when it comes to identity. I have yet to settle on a single name (Laurence, Larry, Lair, file13, Amish), my blog name (File13’s Amish Tech Support, Amish Tech Supprt, ATS), my mascot (changes once every few days), and domain name (don’t ask). Permalinks and commentary on my own site is shakier than Jell-o in an earthquake. I don’t even post in the same place every time (The Tour). I’m surprised that people can find me in this electron-cloud of mixed identities.
Do what the Bear does, not me. Get your ducks in a row, don’t let your ducks scatter and run around crazy-like.