Cross-Blog Iraq Debate: Last Call for Questions

Folks –
For those of you interested in submitting questions to be answered by the anti-war side in the Cross-Blog Iraq Debate, now is your last chance.
I’m going to be sifting through the full list of questions submitted later today and tomorrow morning, selecting five that I think best represent those questions the pro-war side would like to see answered by our anti-war colleagues. (I’ll consider any suggestions that come in by 9amish PST Monday). I will be using my own ‘editorial judgement’ to do so, but I very much want input from folks on other people’s questions. A question submitted by one individual with several comments after it that say “yes, ask that one!” will be much more likely to make the final cut than singletons that had no positive feedback.
So: get thee to questions post, read what others have submitted, and add your comments.