Watching the Hans & Mohamed Show Online

I’m assuming that the same stations which provided online video streams for Powell’s U.N. presentation will do so for today’s report. So check out (Windows Media).
Update, post-Blix: That was a bloody train wreck. I think David Frum was correct: Blix’s report is a much bigger factor in the future relevance of the U.N. and NATO than in the probability of military action against Iraq. I’d like to think our erstwhile allies in France and Germany didn’t need a figleaf to hide the climb-down that they now find necessary to avoid being completely shut out of the future of Iraq — but I think Frum is right to think they did. Blix didn’t hang the U.S. out to dry — he hung them.
Update, as the Syrian Rep Is Ranting on an Anti-Israel Tangent: The feeling that I am watching a pivotal moment in the Leagalization of the United Nations is inescapable.
Update, as France continues to blather on: I give up, I can’t watch this. Somebody e-mail me when it’s over.