Subpoena? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Subpoena

First posted 2/17/03
LawMeme has a scoop on how eBay makes life easy for law enforcement. Maybe bit too easy:
Without a subpoena, eBay will provide the following information regarding an eBay user to law enforcement:
Full Name, User ID, Email Address, Street Address, State, City, Zip Code, Phone Number, Country, Company, Password, Secondary Phone, Gender, Personal or Business, Shipping information (Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip)
In addition eBay will provide the following transaction information:
Bidding History on an Item, Other Items for Sale, Feedback about a user, Bidding history of a user, Prices paid for items, Feedback rating, and Chat Room/Bulletin Board (!).

Read the whole thing: I sense a you-heard-it-on-the-blogs-first level story here: expect Slashdotting momentarily (if it hasn’t happened already), soon to be followed by notice, and eventual movement to the front page of Google News.
Update 2/18 9am PST Story hits Top-50 on Blogdex
Update 2/20 11am PST Bing! We have Slashdottage. With a Big Media link to Haaretz, of all places.