WMDI SourceForge Project Open

Folks –
I’ve opened a project for WMDI, and have uploaded the .PHP files for the Ecosystem as well as the .SQL files necessary to create the appropriate database schema. So, for those of you interested in seeing just how bad my coding is, here’s your big chance!
So, this is the beginning of the real open source phase of WMDI. I am very much hoping that folks will be interested in helping evolve my current crummy code into a robust and stable “WMDI Server”. I need to go figure out what the appropriate open source licensing legal mumbo-jumbo is, but basically, I’d like folks to go ahead and hack away at the code and feel free to use it however they like, but would prefer that any improvements/fixes be likewise freely released back to the community.
If you’re interested in participating, drop me a line and/or register at SourceForge. And happy hacking!