Get a TTLB Bear!

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Need a little something to snuggle up to at night?
TTLB has you covered! For a limited time only (I am planning on living forever, but eventually the Universe ends…) TTLB readers can purchase their very own Truth Laid Bear Teddy Bear!
The TTLB-TB comes in two editions: the Premium Bear for $15.99 , and the Basic Bear for $12.99. The actual bears are identical: the only difference is the price (the Premium kicks back a few bucks to little old me, the Basic edition is at the rock-bottom price provided by CafePress).
It makes a great gift for that special sweetheart — show them your sensitive and cuddly, yet morally serious and intellectually challenging side! Or get one for the munchkin — it’s never too early to start indoctrinating the youngsters!
Accept no imitations! Act now and be the first on your block to have a genuine TTLB-TB, before they’re all gone!
PS – I also note that CafePress now allows the creation of “thong” and “panty” products. While I have not added these to my store as yet, we aim to please our readership ’round these parts, so please, if there is a pent-up demand for TTLB lingerie — this bear wants to know!
Update: Never let it be said that I don’t respond to consumer demand! By request of the fair Erica, TTLB undies are now available at both the premium and basic stores.
Hmmm. I see this as the next big thing in mindless blogging competitiveness. Sure, Pejman and Stephen might get more hits than I do, but I’ll bet I can get more of the lovely ladies of blogdom to wear TTLB-branded bloomers! (I almost said “to wear my panties”, but caught myself in time…)
Update Again: Hmm (II). It seems Allen Prather is upping the ante….