A question for those opposing this war

I’ve been noodling a piece about the current state of peace protesters, and the shift in meaning that occured between protesting to prevent a war, and protesting a war that is already in progress.
But frankly, others have done it already, so I’d be retreading old ground. So instead of doing that, and putting words in the mouths of those opposing this war, let me just ask a simple question:
What do you want?
I’d really like to know. And I’ll leave it at that, as I don’t want to prejudice the question any more. But please, if you oppose (or opposed) attacking Hussein’s forces in Iraq, I’d like to hear your “What I would do if I was President” speech. What actions would you take, and how would those actions be better (in whatever way you choose to define ‘better’) than the course we are pursuing today? And if you feel really intellectually honest, in what ways would your approach be worse?
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