Oslo Accord Question

Assignment Desk: Would some blogger please find the exact section of th e 1993 Oslo Accords which Palestinian Authority claims gives Abu Abbas immunity from prosecution by the U.S.?
I have a suspicion that:
a) The agreement applied to Israel, not the U.S. (even though Clinton signed it on our behalf)
b) I’m not entirely convinced it even says that about Israel, as I’ve done a quick read of what I think is the right document and can’t find any such clause — this may be an interpretation open to debate, rather than a straightforward and undisputed agreement. But I’m half-expecting to be wrong on this point.
At any rate, I’ve yet to see anybody actually cite the clause, and it would kinda be nice, ya know? (I’d do it myself, but paying work beckons…)
Update: Thanks to those who commented & provided some insight here. But predictably, Eugene Volokh has what seems to be the definitive counter-argument, further fueling my own doubts …