Ecosystem Evolution: Percentages

OK, finally got around to implementing the much-suggested percentage enhancement to the
Now, the categories are (mostly), determined as a percentage of the total number of blogs. So we will no longer have 60-70% of the list being classed as insignificant microbes.
I kept the top categories fixed, however, because, well, mainly ’cause I felt like it.
Here’s how the new structure works:
Higher Beings: 1 – 10
Mortal Humans: 11 – 30
Playful Primates: 31 – 100
Large Mammals: Next 5 %
Marauding Marsupials: Next 5 %
Adorable Rodents: Next 5 %
Flappy Birds: Next 5 %
Slithering Reptiles: Next 10 %
Crawly Amphibians: Next 10 %
Flippery Fish: Next 10 %
Slimy Molluscs: Next 10 %
Lowly Insects: Next 10 %
Crunchy Crustaceans: Next 10 %
Wiggly Worms: Next 10 %
Multicellular Microorganisms: Next 5 %
Insignificant Microbes: Bottom 5 %
The net effect of this is that most folks have now “evolved” up a bit. Now that the code is implemented, it is a simple matter to tinker with the percentages, so I’m open to suggestions as to different distributions than this.
Discuss amongst yourselves — but remember: no wagering!