Wanted: Ecosystem Icons

OK folks, sending out a call for creative assistance. In the graphical arts area, to be precise.
I’d like to add some flair to the and would like to have graphical icons to represent each of the evolutionary levels.
Buddy Lair has sent me a great concept sheet, but these are copyrighted, and therefore not kosher for me to use freely. I need either original work that someone is willing to provide, or public-domain images.
Ultimately, I’d like to use these both on the Ecosystem pages themselves, and as banners which folks could put on their pages to link to the Ecosystem. I’m happy to accept either just images, or full concepts for the banners. (Or anything! I’m flexible.) And oh yeah: I’m more than happy to put a credit with link up to anyone providing significant assistance or original work.
Thanks to any who can assist. And by the way: links to this post are appreciated, to help spread my shameless plea far and wide…