When too much is more than enough

For what it’s worth, Glenn, think you’re right.
Holding the speech on the Abraham Lincoln was just the right amount of symbolism; goofing around like a fighter pilot was over the top.
Hold steady, your Instaness: the conventional wisdom shall prove this point shortly.
Could have been worse, I suppose: they could have given him a callsign. ‘Maniac’ has been taken and ‘Shrub’ just doesn’t have the right ring to it for a fighter jock…
Update: That came off a little too snide. I don’t begrudge Bush a bit of fun, he’s earned it. But I guess my suggestion would have been to separate the landing-in-a-jet piece from the major-address-to-the-nation piece. The two together just didn’t quite fit right to me.
And for those of you coming here direct from Instapundit who have no idea who I am: trust me, I’m a blogger who supported the Iraq campaign, even if this post didn’t sound that way. Ask anybody!